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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> reporter: everyone dodged the rain for the most part, but security was everywhere. along with the wand and back searches we've grown accustomed to, there were more officers and obvious eyes in the sky. and then there was the security we could not see. >> the big differences are things we're not going to go into. we've introduced some real good technology things here. so the strongest security is the security you don't see. >> reporter: this was the first major event in d.c. since the killing of osama bin laden. recently homeland security warned of al qaeda chatter about attacks on dates symbolic to americans. there were no major incidents monday. the stepped up security did not seem to bother anyone here. the kids danced, and some even reflected on what the day is really about. >> it's the time how we got our freedom from the british people. >> it's to celebrate america. >> reporter: and what a celebration it was. park police said everyone seemed
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to be well behaved. there were only five arrests. d.c. fire and ems said their day was also manageable. from the washington monument, craig melvin, "news 4 today." >> the first family watched the fireworks display in the company of the men and women of the military and their families. they thanked them for their work and promised the full support of the nation. >> i'm going to make sure you have the support that you need in the field. i'm going to make sure that you get the care that you deserve when you come home. and with the help of michelle and dr. jill biden, we will make sure america takes care of your families and recognizes the extraordinary sacrifices that they are making. >> more than 1,200 members of the armed services and their families packed the south lawn of the white house for a barbecue and concert. rock band train provided the entertainment. this is the third year the first family has celebrated the fourth with service members. >> we'll turn to tom kierein. we're fortunate all the fireworks last night were manmade. >> it was a close call.
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only about 15 miles south of washington. we had heavy downpours coming through during the time of the fireworks. close call. there were 500,000 people down there. thankfully, everything stayed mostly dry throughout most of the region. however, across much of virginia there were some heavy downpours last night. and now some lingering light showers in southern maryland in the northern neck and upper part of the eastern shore. that's the last of it. that was drifting off to the east. temperatures are rather muggy this morning. we're in the mid-70s in washington, points south and east mid and upper 70s. somewhat drier air is moving in. a little less humid parts of montgomery county and into western fairfax and points west and north of there. over the last 12 hours, you can see the heavy downpours that came through just south of washington. now they have moved out to sea. and for today there is a mostly clear sky now over the jefferson memorial. that's a live picture. by 9:00 lots of sunshine. we'll be near 80 degrees. and we'll have moderate humidity
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today. by noontime mid-80s. by 90 midafternoon, lots of sun. we'll look at the night planner in about ten minutes. danella sealock, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. it's looking great. i'm checking the roadways, and so far i don't have any incidents to report for you. let's take a live look. 95 north of the rest area in virginia, you see the lights coming towards us. that's everybody heading north towards d.c. so far, no delays i see for you. right now the american legion bridge to the woodrow wilson bridge, your lanes are clear on the beltway as well. as we check out the key bridge, it's a beautiful day so far. enjoy it. happy tuesday. back to you, joe and aaron. >> thanks, danella. >> happy tuesday. those three ugly little words, back to work. this weekend storms are still leaving an impact in northern virginia. a few roads remain closed because of the trees and power lines that were torn down. tracee wilkins is live in arlington right now for the second day in a row with a look at the damage this morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe.
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we're absolutely just up the block from where we were yesterday morning. conditions pretty much look the same here. take a look behind me. this tree crew got here just a little while after we did, and that's a good thing. they're working to quickly restore power and open the roads. this tree crew is working to get the trees off the road here. we are at the intersection of williamsburg boulevard and old dominion drive in the northern section of arlington. we still have a number of folks who are dealing with dark intersections here and roads littered with tree limbs and large debris. this after sunday's storm ripped through the washington area and seemed to cause significant yet isolated damage to this corner of arlington. we saw lots of healthy, heavy, and large tree limbs torn from trees and landing on homes, cars, streets, and also power lines. it's reported that this area got up to 60-mile-per-hour winds during sunday's storm, and it has caused definitely significant damage. crews just reopened north glebe road. that's the good news.
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old dominion road through globe road and north king boulevard still closed. fall springs from north glebe still closed. but the crews are working to try to get the tree limbs out of the roadway, and then the next part of all of this is going to try to get these intersections up and working again. so be careful this morning. take your time. and be prepared to take an alternate route just in case. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in arlington. back to you in the studio, joe. >> tracy, thanks very much. montgomery county fire officials released the name of a bicyclist killed in this weekend's storms. 56-year-old neil rich was riding his bike along the c&o canal towpath in poolesville when heavy winds knocked down trees. one of those trees fell on top of him, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. new overnight, one person is at the hospital, and a woman is under arrest after her car slammed into a home in aspen hill. it happened a little after
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midnight at the intersection of parkland drive and ashman hill road. the car ran right through the wall. three people were in that home at the time. one was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. the driver, a 22-year-old woman, was arrested. police believe alcohol was a factor in that crash. also new from overnight, the person rescued from the potomac river is in critical condition. d.c. fire officials found the person in the water about a half mile south of the memorial bridge just before 11:00 last night. they took that person to thompson's boat house where they performed cpr. officials have not said how the person ended up in the water or whether the person is a man or woman. d.c. fire and ems says there was heavy boat traffic in the area at the time. a man in germantown is also in critical condition this morning after jumping into the lake to recover a remote control boat. police say two men were operating the boat on gunner's lake last night when it got stuck. one man went in to get it but went under water and did not
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come up. his friend went in, pulled him out, and performed cpr until paramedics arrived. a little girl recovering in the hospital this morning. police say the 4-year-old was walking with her parents after the show when they heard a loud noise, and they discovered the little girl had been shot in the leg. she was taken to johns hopkins where she is in stable condition. another man was stabbed in the neck around the same time outside a restaurant after two groups got into a fight. he was taken to shock trauma and is suffering from life-threatening injuries this morning. new from overnight. out of new zealand, seismologists recorded a 6.5 magnitude earthquake around 3:30 p.m. local time. so far there are no reports of any damage or fatalities. experts are attributing that to the fact this was well below the surface. just five months ago the country was rocked by a 6.3 earthquake that killed more than 180 people. today is the second day of jury deliberations in the casey anthony trial. they must sift through six weeks of statements and about 400
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pieces of evidence to come to a verdict. nbc's jay gray now has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: as the jury gathered behind closed doors monday, dozens gathered at the spot where caylee anthony's remains were found, clear signs of two very separate facets to this case -- the public response and the now private deliberations. >> they are going to consider second degree murder, manslaughter, third degree felony murder, and two types of first degree murder, by the way, premeditated and felony murder. they don't even have to agree on which it is, as long as 12 of them think it's first degree murder. and there are six other counts. so it is complicated. >> reporter: after wading through judge perry's instructions and deliberating for around six hours yesterday, the jury will get back to work later today, reviewing testimony from dozens of witnesses and almost 400 items entered as evidence. with the emotional closing arguments likely still echoing in their minds. >> the key question as it relates to all manslaughter,
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child abuse, and murder charges that you're going to be presented with is how did she die? what happened to her? what is proven beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt? not just some, but every single one. and those questions were never answered. that evidence was never presented to you. >> to say that there is no evidence to connect casey anthony to caylee's death ignores all of this evidence. >> reporter: evidence that, like casey anthony's fate, now rests in the hapds of the jury. jay gray, nbc news, orlando. 4:39 is the time. members of congress are cutting their holiday break short today. the senate is coming back to deal with the country's looming debt limit deadline. members of the house get back to work tomorrow. democrats are still insisting the new revenue is a necessary part of the debt solution while republicans are still refusing anything that they consider to be a tax hike proposal.
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the nation would go into unprecedented default on its debt if the current $14.3 trillion cap is not raised by august the 2nd. the secret service says it will investigate the hacking of fox news' political twitter account after tweets appeared saying president obama had been assassinated. the tweets appeared early monday morning, saying the president was shot to death in iowa. in reality, he was celebrating the fourth barbecuing at the white house. fox news posted a statement on its website calling the tweets malicious and false, and saying they're requesting a full investigation from twitter. an online group called the script kitties is claiming responsibility for those disturbing tweets. time is 4:40. ahead on "news 4 today," danger on a holiday fishing trip. the search for missing americans after their boat capsized. plus how others in the group survived more than 12 hours at sea.
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good morning. live picture of the washington monument on this 5th day of july this tuesday morning. we're back to work. we have a clearing sky after those showers just missed the mall last night, passing to the south. a few sprinkles on radar st. mary's and northern neck.
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temperatures cooling down in washington in the 60s. in washington points south and east in the low to mid-70s. lots of sun today. highs near 90 midafternoon. and it will be rather humid. then overnight tonight turning more humid, clouds on the increase. by this time tomorrow morning mostly cloudy, mid-70s, and steamy. looks like steam heat for the rest of the week into the weekend. a look at that in about six or seven minutes. and now, danella, how's traffic? we're still looking good this morning. good morning to you. let's take a live look at somerville road. this is 270 in clarksburg. 270, you are looking good north and south. as we head over to d.c., new york avenue and bladensburg road. i've been watching new york avenue, and i see a lot of people. i think they're heading back home, getting ready for work. you guys are cutting it close. here's a look at 395 north of the duke street. i can tell you, 395 your lanes are clear as well. back to you, joe and aaron. >> danella, thanks. >> thanks very much. exxon mobil took another --
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we'll take another look at a spill it caused and has a new report on the size and scope of it. plus looking back at the massive oil spill in the gulf.
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4:47. right now the mexican navy is searching for the seven american tourists still missing after the boat they were in capsized in the pacific ocean. the 115-foot boat sampg about 15 miles south from the port of san felipe on sunday. the group was on a july 4th fishing trip when they were caught in a thunderstorm. at least one u.s. man was confirmed dead. aside from the missing, the other 35 passengers and crew members on board were saved. many held on to coolers, rescue rings, and life vests for more than 16 hours until rescue crews could reach them. this morning exxon mobil acknowledges the scope of an oil
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spill caused by a broken pipeline in montana is much larger than initially reported. about 42,000 gallons of crude oil have flowed into the yellowstone river since friday. initially, exxon said the oil would spread along a ten-mile stretch of the river. this morning it admits it could stretch much farther than that, and they'll work as quickly as possible to clean it up. still some residents aren't satisfied. >> right now we're not worried about how many dollars we're spending. right now we're worried about getting in and responding to the damage and making sure we can clean up. >> we don't know what's going to happen in the future, five years from today, what kind of effect does this have on this land? >> about 40,000 miles of absorbent boom have been laid out to protect the shoreline. officials believe debris floating in the river's rising waters may have punctured that pipeline. the once oil lined waters of the gulf are seeing a resurgence this summer. nearly all of the 17,000 hotels
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in baldwin county were full for the holiday weekend. 2,500 campsites were also booked, and many plan to stay for the weekend. tourism officials say, if tourists keep coming at this rate, they could fully recover from the damage done by last year's bp oil spill. today nasa is planning a low altitude flight over maryland to test the state's air quality. it will fly over the beltway in parts of northeast maryland beginning at 5:30 this morning and going until 1:30 in the afternoon. the plane will fly as low as 1,000 feet off the ground while it takes measurements. this is one of 14 air quality flights nasa has planned for the month of july. about 1 million people are expected to travel to florida to watch nasa's final space shuttle mission on friday. the four astronauts that will take the space shuttle "atlantis" on its final mission are now in kennedy space center. they arrived yesterday. the crew will deliver supplies to the international space station. after the trip, "atlantis" will join shuttles "discovery" and "endeavour" in retirement. just a few days after being
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released from house arrest, there are new allegations against dominique strauss-kahn. the lawyer for a french novelist says his client will file an attempted rape complaint against the former imf chief. the author tristan bannion said she was convinced not to file charges in 2002. she claims strauss-kahn ripped open her bra and tried to unbutton her pants. lawyers for strauss-kahn say they're going to file a slander complaint against that writer. roger clemens back in court fighting charges of perjury and obstruction of congress. he testified in front of congress in 2008 and told them he never used performance enhancing drugs. clemens' former trainer will testify and say he personally injected him with steroids and human growth hormone. if found guilty of all seven felony counts against him, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. you want to watch your speed if you're traveling through frederick, maryland, today.
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two speed cameras issuing warnings only will start to issue tickets. they're located at butterfly lane and mccain drive near hillcrest elementary, and north market street. people going 37 miles per hour or faster will get a $40 ticket. and two other cameras at opossum town pike at fairfield drive and the other at hayward road. >> there was a survey done a couple of months ago that people in d.c. and baltimore and other large cities favor the speed cameras and the red light cameras, like two-thirds of the people who were polled. >> a lot of people feel they make the road safer. you see the signs, and people do, in fact, slow down. >> let's talk about this forecast, tom. it's dry this morning, aside from the humidity, i guess. >> thankfully here, at least in washington. much of virginia got soaked last night from heavy downpours just missing the mall thankfully. right now some lingering showers over the northern neck, lower
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part of the eastern shore. those little blobs of blue you see there on radar, those are continue to go track off to the east. right now temperatures mild and muggy there in the 70s as well as the southern suburbs, eastern suburbs, in washington. north and western suburbs, temperatures there have dropped down into the 60s in many locations. it's going to stay in the 60s here for the next several hours out that way. farther to our west and north, temperatures there in the mountains of western maryland in the 60s. there go the showers just to our south, passing across virginia and heading out over the atlantic ocean. behind that, somewhat drier air, moderate humidity coming in. not the sweltering humidity like on sunday. here's how things are looking for today. we'll have temperatures climbing to near 80 by 9:00. lots of sunshine, a beautiful summer day as we get back to work. sunrise is at 5:49. that's getting a little bit later. by noontime mid-80s, near 90 by
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midafternoon. moderate humidity around, lots of sun. as we get into the evening hours, we'll be low 80s by 7:00 and partly cloudy by midnight and the upper 70s. by this time tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and steamy. humidity returns. we'll be in the mid-70s tomorrow morning to low 70s in the rural areas. and later in the day up near 90 on wednesday. and a possibility, a small chance of a morning shower, but a greater chance of some afternoon storms tomorrow as well as on thursday and friday with a high near 90 each day. and steamy humidity. and then over the weekend, only a slight chance of a thunderstorm on saturday. highs near 90. sunday and monday, again around 90 each day. and the humidity will still be with us. now, danella, how's traffic? >> we are still looking good. let's take a live look at some of our area roadways. the beltway at seven locks road is still looking good. that inner loop and outer loop in maryland, your lanes are clear, and it is a good ride so far this morning as we head down to d.c. penn and 14th, you can see all your lanes are clear.
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d.c., i've checked your local roads. so far they're looking good as we head over to 66 in virginia. 66 both inside and outside of the beltway is looking good. back to you, aaron and joe. >> danella, thanks. >> thanks very much. our time now is 4:53. it wasn't just plays in the field that had red sox fans on their feet yesterday. >> wait until you see what happened after this video played on the jumbotron ha tha had thousands nearly shedding a
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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welcome back. tonight before the nationals take on the chicago cubs, michelle obama will help throw out the first pitch. she'll be escorted to home plate by children from military families, and one of the kids will throw out the actual pitch. meanwhile, it was a wild one yesterday on the diamond. bottom of the tenth, jayson werth on third. cubs closer carlos marmol throws a wild pitch, which lets werth score the winning run. nats take the first game of the series 6-5. the boston red sox helped a navy sailor hit a home run, figuratively at least, in fenway park during yesterday's game. bridget liden's family was brought to the pitching mound, and this message was played on the jumbotron. >> this is aviation ordinance bridget liden on the "uss ronald reagan." the truth is that bridget liden
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was really there in person to surprise her family. when they realized it, they went crazy and sprinted across the field to greet her and hug her. they couldn't believe it. liden had been deployed to the persian gulf aon board the aircraft carrier "reagan" and they had not seen her since last october. wonderful. welcome home. july 4th is a chance to kickback, relax with friends and family, and enjoy some fireworks. >> for some, though, it was a chance to show off their eating skills. we're talking about the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. for the first time, there was a woman's eating competition. alexandria's own sonya thomas took the title after eating 30 hot dogs. joey "jaws" chestnut won his fifth straight mustard belt after scarfing down 62 hot dogs. that's not even his record. he wolfed down 68 back in 2009. they both get a $20,000 prize
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for this. let's see. the belt she won was the pepto bismol belt in the women's division. >> i don't know why they're jumping up and down with that. >> don't say it, joe. if you happen to be in frederick on sunday, you might have seen something that looked like it was straight out of a movie. a huge dog dragging a table through the city streets there. this was not staged, though. take a look. this is cliff, the big gray dog. the 3-year-old great dane got spooked while his family was eating at 5 guys. in the surveillance video you can see him take off with the table he was tied to and a big red umbrella. a police officer managed to take the table. the leg cliff was tied to broke off and he just kept going. the family searched for hours for cliff and finally got some good news yesterday. >> we have your dog. so we were just elated


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